Hydraulic equipment product overview

Hydraulic equipment product overview

Please have a look at our Product Overview below. This is where you can find more of the technical aspects of the products Lockhyd offers.


Zero Pressure Drop

Suction Side Capable

No Wash Off

0.1µ filtration

This dot (.) is approximately 1/64 of an inch wide and equals 615 microns.

Collects None Ferrous Particulate

Retains Additives


How it works?

Fluids are cleaned of ferrous [iron & steel] particles by a magnet.

The strength of the magnetic field is dramatically enhanced by the field effect of two metal plates placed at either end of the magnet.

The enhanced field pulls the ferrous particles out of the fluid flow, without disturbing the liquid.

Gearbox protection:

Coal pulverising Open Gear mill transmission protection.

Customer was experiencing a failure rate of 4 gearboxes per annum out of the 32 on site.

The customer knew removing the fine ferrous debris would arrest this wear.

Because the contaminant is small and the lube is high viscosity our Filtration System was the only way to achieve this.

Process Filtration System Units were installed to filter the line on all 32 gearboxes, no failures have been experienced since installation.

Applications & Problems:

4 x gearbox failures per year on average.

Customer aware that the small micron sized particulate was causing premature failure of gearboxes.

Unit Specified:

Process Filtration System Unit – 2” BSP

Max Working Pressure = 17 Bar

Contaminant Capacity = 4000g

Max Temperature = 100 Deg C

Lube Protection: Evidence of cross site implementation – Inline Installation

Requirement for 60 off Process Filtration System (Yellow) Units


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Lockhyd also manufactures Control Panels, Control Units and Control Cabinets, as can be seen here:

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